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Remote Personality Analysis

Remote Personality Analysis​

We help companies minimize doubts for managing risks involving the human factor through a remote personality analysis

99% is a groundbreaking service
that exclusively and globally offers its clients in-depth psychological analysis of the human factor, providing them with strategic and tactical advice on interaction, with no need for a meeting and using OSINT only.

Our service is based only on available information sources

Structure and content customized to customer needs

Academically valid structure and content

High reliability in peer reviews

Accompanying the report with a personal meeting

Our various services

Psychological Due Diligence

Executive Headhunting

ability to properly recruit and appoint senior executives is critical considering their direct imp The act on business results…..

Psychological Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions

The product in this area consists of a report on the participants in the acquiring/target company during in the Due Diligence,….

Psychological Due Diligence

Negotiations & Crisis

In negotiations, the unknown usually exceeds the known. The objective is to become as well-acquainted….

Psychological Due Diligence


The substantial analysis of a potential borrower’s financial history has been proven insufficient toward predicting repayment….

Psychological Due Diligence

investment decisions

There is a broad range of risks inherent in investments – ranging from small risks to large and substantial risks……

Psychological Due Diligence

insurance world

The insurance world consists of actuarial and statistical models that enable forecasting. The aim is to minimize forecast….

Our uniqueness

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Conducted remotely

The entire process is completed without subject involvement. Organizations may obtain subject consent or operate behind the scenes in a legal and discrete manner - subject to its discretion.

Available Sources

The process is completely ethical - based on available sources only, without using undisclosed and illegal information sources.


The report also contains practical recommendations for further managing the human factor throughout the process

Get to know us

99 cumulative years of building executive boards and accompanying executives, translated into the ability to provide deep boutique processes in the field of remote personality analysis and to provide managements and decision makers with tools for managing the human factor risk at critical junctions, aiming to maximize results and minimize the doubt and uncertainty.

Nurit Berman
99% Founding Partner

Decades of experience in consulting, accompanying and building management teams, a recognized and respected figure in the Israeli business world, named among the most influential female businesspeople in the economy, a pioneer in importing and developing advanced services, processes and solutions that help build management bodies and boards that lead organizations to long-term success.

Ika Abarbanel
99% Founding Partner

45 years of HR experience, including senior management positions involving integration and merger processes, HR systems management in large companies and complex change processes. Former IDF Head of the Planning Division and HR Director (Brigadier General)

Dr. Dar Peleg
99% Founding Partner

More than 10 years of field experience in strategic psychological applications and profiling combined with internationally accredited academic research in social psychology. Former branch head in the forensic investigation psychology section of the Israeli police. During his service he was acknowledged as an expert witness in behavioral and personality profiling expert as well as a polygraph examiner. Dar is an international instructor in the field of investigative psychology in general and in specifically in profiling. He also holds a second M.A. in Law.

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