You don't have
to meet a person
to know him
in 99% accuracy

About the Company

What do you really know about the people you are negotiating with? Are you sure that you have correctly identified their motives? Wishes? Objectives? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that you are at least one step ahead of them, before it’s too late?

Every business transaction is based, first and foremost, on interaction between individuals. Transaction success depends on the human factors involved in it, on understanding how they think and predicting their behavior patterns in the relevant business arena.

Extensive financial information is compiled and analyzed in business and when contemplating transactions. However, hardly any in-depth and practical research is conducted about the human aspect of the parties involved. Such analysis relates to behavior patterns, a personality “signature”, dominant needs and an “arena” analysis – defining the circumstances and context that crucially impact the evaluated behavior patterns.

99% is a groundbreaking service that exclusively and globally offers its clients in-depth psychological analyses of the human factor, providing them with strategic and tactical advice on interacting with it, with no need for meeting the subjects and using OSINT only.

The service deals with the human dimension of risk management, improving decision making processes and reducing the uncertainty embedded in them. Our offering includes consulting services and practical tools providing an accurate profile of the human factor, enabling users to impact and predict measures taken within the relevant business interactions.


Our Team of Experts

Dr. Dar Peleg - CEO

More than 10 years of field experience in strategic psychological applications and profiling combined with internationally accredited academic research in social psychology. Former branch head in the forensic investigation psychology section of the Israeli police. During his service he was acknowledged as an expert witness in behavioral and personality profiling expert as well as a polygraph examiner. Dar is an international instructor in the field of investigative psychology in general and in specifically in profiling. He also holds a second M.A. in Law.

Dr. Michal Morag

Clinical psychologist, ~20 years of experience in the security forces and private sector. Advises government ministries and security organizations in Israel and worldwide. Program chair and senior lecturer on Criminal Profiling at the Ariel University Unit of External Studies. Lecturer and researcher at the Ruppin Academic Center and Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Tamar Brandwein

Social organizational advisor-psychologist with over 30 years of experience in the security organizations and private sector. Extensive experience with employee and manager evaluation and placement upon recruitment and at pivotal occupational junctions. Worked in research, including information gathering and mining.