Company Services

Psychological Due Diligence
Executive Headhunting

Ability to properly recruit and appoint senior executives is critical considering their direct imp The act on business results.          

Conducting a detailed evaluation of candidates and submitting a report listing relevant personality traits, with operative recommendations for decision making/disqualification and further enrichment upon entering the position.                      

Psychological Due Diligence

In negotiations, the unknown usually exceeds the known. The objective is to become as well-acquainted with the opposite party as possible in order to properly interact on a behavioral, tactical or strategic level.

The tool will provide a psychological evaluation of the negotiating individuals, will reduce the level of vagueness and improve the awareness and understanding of the needs of the opposite side, providing suggestions for conducting a more successful process. 

In negotiation and Due Diligence processes, clients may obtain ongoing field accompaniment, in addition to the remote personality evaluation report, offering them real time tools for managing the situation.

Psychological Due Diligence
Crisis Management

Plans are often limited and impacted by exogenous variables out of the company’s control. This leads to uncertainty, exposure to impacts and crises.

The tool will provide a remote psychological evaluation of the influential individuals, the company’s exposure to its gaps and recommendations for addressing them, all in order to minimize the scope of uncertainty and thus reduce exposures and mitigate their impact on performance, the capital market and the regulator.

Psychological Due Diligence
For Credit

The substantial analysis of a potential borrower’s financial history has been proven insufficient toward predicting repayment.

Understanding the potential borrower’s psychological profile and his/her current and future circumstances, allows for reducing the risk of losing the loan.

A remote personality analysis report will be compiled according to defined parameters that will significantly supports companies in hedging their risks and decision making.

Psychological Due Diligence
Mergers and Acquisitions

Most acquisitions fail, mainly due to the people and cultures involved.      

The product in this area consists of a report on the participants in the acquiring/target company during in the Due Diligence, negotiation and integration phases. The report will provide significant information and recommendations on negotiation planning and management, behaviors (including cultural characteristics) and integration planning.

Psychological Due Diligence
investment decisions

There is a broad range of risks inherent in investments – ranging from small risks to large and substantial risks.

The tool will provide a remote psychological evaluation of the people leading and backing a business/operational unit/startup company, etc.

It will provide investors with a decision supporting psychological report, containing information beyond the technological, financial and other details evaluated for such an investment.

Psychological Due Diligence
insurance world

The insurance world consists of actuarial and statistical models that enable forecasting. The aim is to minimize forecast fluctuations in order to minimize risks and maximize financial success.

The product will enable the remote psychological evaluation of people who impact the company’s significant transactions.

Psychological Due Diligence
Strategic/tactical accompaniment and consulting in decision making processes

In certain cases, ongoing and dynamic processes call for online consulting, enabling real time adaptation to various developments and the ability to maximize conditions and opportunities relating to the human factor.

This service, beyond the Psychological Due Diligence report, enables users to control most of the variables and minimize uncertainty. It is suited for DD, negotiation, M&A and other processes.


Lectures and exercises regarding the main pillars of profiling and investigative psychology:

  • Lectures and exercises regarding the main pillars of profiling and investigative psychology.
  • 2-hour lecture – “What is a profile?”
  • Daily seminar – “Traces of Behavior Patterns as a Window to the Personality”
  • Weekly seminar – “Intro and Basic Terms of Behavioral Profiling”.

HR Profiling - 1-5-day seminars.

Contents include:

  • Background and basic terms of investigative psychology and profiling thinking
  • Major pillars of profiling 
  • Inference and forecasting 
  • Profiling evaluation practice 
  • BIG 5 Personality Specification
  • Social network psychological mapping – Theory and practice
  • Practicing evaluation based on look and dress, office and living environment – Right and wrong
  • Incarnation – Illustration and practice 
  • Justifications for interview lies + dealing with lies in interviews and debriefing
  • Strategic debriefing – Base conduct and creating a cognitive load 
  • Micro Expressions