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Personality profile opinions, predictive strategies and forecasting of operative impact on the human factor


Psychological profile opinion

A general character analysis.

This report is including a personality profile document and behavioral opinion containing a comprehensive review of the subject’s prominent personality traits and dominant behavioral patterns (not always visible to the untrained eye), as derived of the compiled information. The document presents a personality structure  type including a description of the subject’s dominant personality traits and emotional needs. By understanding the customer’s needs, the document focuses on features relevant to the specific interaction involved. The profile is defined according to customer requirements, consisting of diverse types of information.


Psychological profile opinion
AN in-depth analysis of the subject, including predictions for various scenarios as well as operative recommendations.

This report focuses on qualities relevant to the customer toward ensuring optimal interaction with the subject. The opinions include various behavioral scenarios for the subject in specifically defined situations. In addition, the profile offers specific recommendations for formulated the desired interaction between the customer and subject (for example: how to minimize attempts to abuse trust; how to adapt customer behavior to that of the subject, etc.). The profile is based on the customer demands and requires various OSINT sources of information about the subject. It is derived of at least three independent sources beyond the customer, and requires a meeting/s in advance with the customer to define the variables relevant to the specific profile.

We are currently compiling our social network psychological profiling software, will be used in various applications.

Details to follow