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Why Profile People

People use masks all the time. They wear their most serious character when they negotiate on important business deals, their empathic character when speaking with a friend and their authority face when setting the boundaries to their children. When we meet people in the same specific context, we sample only one character they emphasize to us. If we are about to interact with a specific person in a very delicate or significant business/investigative/security scenario or invest money and resources on that person, shouldn’t we know as much as possible on who they really are?

Can we really trust them just on “gut feelings” or by using out of date, known and controllable methods to check their backgrounds? Can we be sure how that person will respond to a relevant scenario or stimulus in a yet to pass context? Can we have any significant effect on his behavior when interacting with him management security decision making lays in Profiling.

We can no more relay on “dry” information on a specific person of interest to us. it is only by using Humint base Psychological Profiling that we will be able to genuinely see his personality features, his behavioral patterns, his emotional needs and in a sentence – those features that he might try (sometimes even un-willingly) to hide from us.

A scientific related methodology of deductive & inductive analysis of behavior done by a certified experience expert will enable us to always have 

The upper hand and the best move in our arsenal. Profiling is not just disclosing his true character, but also predicting a person’s next move and learning how to use relevant insertions to influence his moves in a very elegant, sophisticated and “under the radar” fashion.

If in an ongoing face-to-face context or a pre-planned scenario, the ability to prioritize, classify, assess and diagnose a person of interest will significantly deduce un-certainty levels while promoting control and knowledge levels.

Having a well-trained specialist by our side, one that can give us the needed edge by combining verbal, non-verbal and descriptive info. Analysis of people of interest, we can now rest a sure that all necessary measures are being done to get the most out of the interaction we have with that person. If it’s business or financial cardinal decision making, security on-line risk assessment, surgical investigative actions or suspicion examining, executive or special recruiting process, and all grave negotiation or interaction we embark in – using profiling and investigative psychology will be the wise chess-play move.

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